Burkert is a world-wide manufacturer for flow control solutions. The Burkert range includes over 28,000 products that are designed to meet the fluidic challenges of flow, level, pressure, dosing, mixing, temperature, filtration, analysis and process automation. Burkert has an extensive range of products. Solenoid Valves, process and control valves, Pneumatics and Process Interfaces, Sensors, Controllers and transmitters, Filtration modules, Microfluidics, Mass flow Controllers, Solenoid Control Valves 2/2 & 3/2 Solenoid valves; Solenoid valves for aggressive media; Solenoid valves for liquids and gases; Solenoid valves for hazardous locations; Solenoid valves for steam applications. Process actuation and network; Pneumatic valve banks, free-standing pilots for process valves, pneumatic fittings, NAMUR pneumatic pilot valves; pneumatic air preparation. Burkert’s Smart Panel pneumatic control cabinets. Intrinsically safe pneumatic valve banks; Pneumatically operated 2/2-way angle valve for liquids; Pneumatically operated 2/2-way ELEMENT Angle Valve; Pneumatically operated 2/2-way Globe Valve with Flange connection DIN EN 1092-1; Manually operated 2/2-way Diaphragm valve; Pneumatic Control Unit with Integrated position feedback; Pneumatically operated 2/2-way Angle valve for steam and gases; 3/2-way pneumatically operated Globe Valve; Control Tops and Feedback packages for pneumatically actuated valves; ELEMENT Control Valves; Digital electromagnetic positioner/process controller; manual ball valves; pneumatically actuated ball valves; manual butterfly valves; electrically actuated butterfly valves; control head for hygienic process valves; pneumatically actuated ball valves; pneumatically actuated butterfly valves; INLINE Flowmeter for continuous flow measurement; INLINE Flow transmitter; INSERTION paddlewheel flowmeter for continuous flow measurement; Full bore INLINE Magmeter; Tuning-Fork Level Switch; In-Line Flowmeter; INLINE positive Displacement flow fittings; Radar level transmitter for Liquids; Ultrasonic Level Transmitter for General Application; Inductive conductivity meter, Pressure transmitter; eCONTROL Universal Process Controller; pH/ORP Transmitter & Conductivity transmitter and temperature transmitters

Flow Control Solutions

Control Head Type 8681

Universal Solution for Hygienic Process Valves

The NEW Type 8681 Control head from Burkert is designed specifically decentral automation of pneumatically controlled hygienic process valves. Universally adaptable to any commercially available valve type, manufactured from chemically resistant materials and ATEX Zone 2 rated, the Type 8681 provides ultimate flexibility. With built-in automated teach-function and simple USB interface, installation, operation, and status control are simplified. Also featuring Integrated check valves for process safety, clear colour-coded status indication, error signal indication and maintenance requests for streamlined process monitoring.

Burkert Select: Product Selection Catalogue 2019

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Your starting point for all things Burkert. Featuring 754 pages of Product Overviews and Technical Data, this is the Burkert Bible. In a concise and easy-to-read format, you’ll find all the product basics you need from part numbers to accessories for that next project design, installation or repair.

FLOWave 8098 Flowmeter

Now available with ATEX Zone 2 certification

Flowmeter Type 8098 is part of the FLOWave product range. It is based on non-contact SAW (Surface Acoustic Waves) technology and is designed principally for applications requiring the highest hygienic demands. These compact, light weight, energy efficient units are now available with ATEX approvals making them an ideal choice for measuring liquids such as alcohol and solvents.

Burkert. They make Solenoids, right?

The Burkert product range now includes over 28,000 items including Solenoid Valves, Process and Control Valves, Pneumatics and Process Interfaces, Sensors, Controllers and Transmitters, Filtration Modules, Microfluidics, Mass Flow Controllers and Solenoid Control Valves.

Solenoid Valves

General Purpose 2/2 & 3/2 Solenoids - Water Solenoid Valves - Hazardous Location Solenoids - Steam Solenoid Valves - High-Pressure Solenoid Valves - Cryogenic & Media Separated

Sensors, Transmitters & Controllers

Flow - Level - Liquid Analysis - Temperature - Pressure - Controllers & Transmitters & Armatures for Analysis Sensors

Pneumatic Cylinders

Single Acting Cylinders - Double Acting Cylinders & Accessories

Process & Control Valves

Shut-Off Valves - Hygienic/ Pharma Process Valves - Control Valves - Process Valve Automation

Microfluidic Valves & Pumps

2/2 & 3/2 Way Micro Solenoids - Membrane & Micro-dosing Pumps

Filtration Modules

C-CUT Hollow Fibre Modules - T-CUT Tubular Modules - T-CUT PP Tubular Modules

Electromotive Valves

Angle Seat Valves - Globe Valves - Disc Valves - Diaphragm Valves - Ball Valves

Mass Flow Controllers

Mass Flow Meters - Liquid Flow Controllers _ Liquid Flow Meters - Gateway/ IO Modules

BBS Hygienic Fittings

Clamp Ferrules, Clamps & Gaskets - Inline Flow Indicators - Reusable Hose Connections

Pneumatic & Process Interfaces

Valve Islands - Pneumatic Valves - Control Cabinets & Accessories

Solenoid Control Valves

General Purpose Solenoid Control Valves - Motor-Driven Control Valves - Controllers


Burkert Communicator

Configuration, parameterisation, and diagnostics of EDIP devices / networks

Intrinsically Safe Solutions

Automation Solutions for potentially explosive atmospheres

Burkert provides an extensive range of products specifically related to potentially explosive atmospheres with everything geared towards modularity, efficiency and safety. From single solenoid valves for fluids and gases to process valves and ATEX certified control cabinets.

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Flow Measurement

Consistent protein content in dairy products

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